The Godforsaken (the story of the greatest sorceress)

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A woman was living in the Castle of the great King Argus, she was King's slave and was not allowed to do anything on her own, she wanted children, and she knew if she remained here her children will either be killed or be slaves for the rest of their lives. She won't allow it to happen so she planned to escape at night from the Castle so that no one will suspect or see her the Path was not easy at the darkness of night but she had to try.

She went to the only place where she knew she would receive the help she needed. She went to the old forest the woods of the old religion, a sacred place where the triple goddess was seen, she went there because she knew that her older sister Danara will be there waiting for her she had already sent the letter for her arrival.

She was in fact right after passing the old forest which was dark and doomed in the midst of the night. She, when came out of the forest, saw a beautiful woman wearing a robe her head was covered with the cap of the robe. 

She was having a beautiful white face with blue eyes and dark hair. She was blonde and was standing outside a hut an old Hut with beautiful flowers and trees all around it, it was almost as it was in the middle of the forest. It was Danara the great sorceress the sister of the slave Areana.

She was waiting for her sister outside the hut, She stopped her horse when she saw her sister. 

"Danara, dear sister how are you?" Areana asked her while coming down from the horse. 

"I am fine, dear sister."




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