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The Ruthless Billionaire wife

Chapter 1

Dad I won't be getting married to Lucas Grayson am too young for that , I need to study "     Alice yelled at her father who was hellbent on her getting married to Lucas Grayson just because of money.

     Woman talk some sense into your daughter , she can't refused this " Thomas Grayson   shouted at his wife who was patting  her daughter's back.
     I won't be getting married to Lucas Grayson "  Alice shouted at her parents before running to her room.

  She wasn't in support of her daughter getting married to a man she doesn't love but she can't do anything about it .
   Thomas  Don't worry I'll talk to her  "  valentina  said while climbing the stairs to her daughter's room .

      Alice sat on her bed while staring at the sky through  Her window ,   She  didn't want to get married to a man that she knew nothing about , a man whom she doesn't love .
   She wondered what her life living with him would be, will she ever get freedom to do what she wants  , she thought while her tears were streaming on her cheeks .

    Sweetie can I talk to you "  Her mom said while observing the  condition that her daughter is currently in .

  Mom I don't want to talk about anything and most importantly that Lucas Grayson that dad wants me to marry " Alice said while  cleaning her tears .
     But baby this is best for you " her mother said while trying to reason with her  But her  daughter     yelled back at her 

    Don't you get it mom ! I don't want to get married , I don't want to be forced into getting married to someone I don't love , if you really love me then you will accept my decision, please leave me alone mom  " Alice said while her tears continued pouring out .

   When her mom left the room , she lay on her bed while cuddling her pillow .  



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