White Prince


I stared at him , unwillingly . It feels like as if I can't tear my gaze away from him or I don't want to .
How can someone be so pure , so beautiful just like a mythical god . I was so caught up in admiring his features that I didn't notice him staring back at me. I noticed him staring but it's like his gaze got me paralyzed . Our gazes were like silver lock and key . As much as I'd like this staring to continue , I tore my gaze . I blushed hard out of embarrassment . I saw him smirk from the corner of my eye . He must've noticed my flushed face . There was this glimmer on his face as if it's december but it's not , I thought to myself . I looked back but he was long gone , disappeared somehow . I started walking away from that hallway . What shocked me the most was his mysterious appearance . His hair completely snowy white , his hands and face pale as if he got out of a refrigerator , his eyes icy aqueous blue . HE WAS JUST LIKE JACK FROST.

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- Christina


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Story about: fantasy, king, witches

Edited: 15.05.2020

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