Zonax Oracle: Faith or Fate

Prologue: Zonax Oracle

"Shame on you! Zonax will be vengeful for you! How dare you to commit sinful crime?"

A demon full of bleeding cuts, standing on his ground, facing three demons wearing large dirty white cloaks. All of them breathe heavily, sweats continuos. None of the three speaks.

"Even when you hid your face, I still know who you are." The demon goes on.

One of the three demons takes a step forward. Motions their hand in front, mumuring words beneath the breathe. The wounded demon looks confused. "What- er. No, you wouldn't."

It came realization as the spell casted blast him inside and out. He drops on his knees, shocked face; wide opened eyes, and mouth hanging open. As if his soul left his body.

"The new reign begins."

As the world moves on, the tragic event become forgotten. No demon speak nor remember any. Like, how they plan this out.

However, Zonax never forget.

On beyond the other side, there are witnesses who foresee the prophecy to be told. Old woman stops on her healing session in Siquijor. Birds and weather abruptly freeze on time.

"The Oracle has been awakened." she said with closed eyes. All of people surrounding her, stares with confusion.

Like a long lasting scent carried by the air, the other entities in Earth got her message at the same time. With the same words muttered.

Seasons went by, time got its own flow. As timely as it could be in the demons' world. 


"It's the right time, little Panah" the chief of the island announced, while tapping the shoulder of the diablae infront of him.

"I am more than ready, Datu Gahid" the female demon confidently answered, no sign of fear can be seen on her face.

"I'll be waiting for your return" the chief who stand as her father figure nods his head. Concern lingers on his eyes, although he tries to hide it with a stoic expression, the diablae is too keen to not notice it.

As she turns her back, her footsteps are getting heavier as she takes another step. No, she's not afraid. She's been trained for years, to be brave, to be strong. She faced so many challenges to prove her worth, spending her sleepless nights on training herself, even after long restless days. While other demons are goofing around during their free time, the diablae chooses to read scrolls, gaining various knowledge, to sharpen her mind and ready herself. When she was told about her mission, she knew she can't do anything against her fate, so she accepted it and told herself that there's no place for failure.

She waited so long for this day to come. She can't be scared, she isn't. She just need to find a certain human and return. It's easy, or maybe that's what she thought. 

"Be safe" she heard him say, but she did not dare to look back, continuing her tracks until she went inside the mechanical ride which will bring her to the north.

The hour long ride felt like a second for the diablae. Watching her surroundings from the window made her stomach churns. Will she ever see this sight again? Will she succeed or will her fate ends on Earth?

In a blink of an eye, she's already standing in front of the open portal that leads her to Earth, the place she hasn't been before, the place she had only heard from other demons on their island.

From where she stands, she can see the vast green land and tall trees, leaves falling on the ground as wind blows.

'So this is Earth?' she thought to herself.

Earth is indeed opposite to the world she grew up, where volcanoes and soil surround her, and not much colors to see.

"I'm pleased to see you finally, the last descendant of Panah" she quickly turned around when she heard a low stern voice behind her. Upon seeing the owner of the voice, the diablae instantly bow her head, uttering her greetings to him with great respect on her voice. "Your Highness, the pleasure is mine"

The ruler of Zonax, Helvios, nodded his head. "I personally came here to let you know that I will wait for your return. Do not let me down, Panah" he speaks, his head held high.

"I will come back with a good news, I assure you" the diablae answered, still bowing her head to the ground. She doesn't dare look at him.

"Very well, goodluck on your journey. You got my blessing."

The diablae only raised her head when the King has walked away, until he disappeared from her sight.

"In Panah's name, I'll return with the pure virgin soul" she swears before taking a deep breath and letting herself get sucked by the portal.

At a young age, the diablae fearlessly accepted her fate of finding the pure soul as a way of serving their King.

Without knowing what awaits her on Earth, she left Zonax in search for the virgin soul, but she finds more than what she planned. 


In a room filled with demons, discussing relevant arguments.

One demon trembles as it speak. "The Oracle has been awakened."

"It must be because of her." the other demon said.

One demon laughs. "It must be because of the feud. That's the only reason."

"Either of them. We should be discussing what would we do when she finds out.." one demon insists. They had the uncertain grin at their mouth as they know one meaning.


Somewhere far and unreachable, a woman glowing with light appeared.

"At last. This is the time."


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