His Divorced Love

Author: Irene Davison (Esperanza) / Posted: 11.03.21, 10:32:15

Hello Readers,

Have a look at the new chapter.....

Here is the sneak peak

Holding the long hair in his grip, he took the scissors from the study table and held it near her neck with an approach of cutting them down. Radhica's eyes widened and her lips parted seeing his action. 

"It would take hardly few seconds to destroy what you have. I won't mind cutting the entire length you have." His smirk and his words both seemed dangerous to her.

"No please." Radhica's sob was loud yet trembling. Avimanyu knew she liked long hair and that was the reason she had kept that so long. Her wavy long thick hair looks really nice on her. 

"I hope you understand now." He smirked as he finished spatting his words.

"Yes." Her sobs turned into hiccups. 



Enjoy the story and let me know...




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