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Author: NasheMel / Posted: 11.03.21, 21:30:37

Hey everyone!!So i know how many of my readers were so dissapointed when i abruptly turned my book Xavier's Shamma into a sample. So i have great news, the series Xavier's Shamma will be our next read i will finish off from where we left up till the end. To my readers who had not checked it out please look it up there are 40 episodes posted already and do tell me what you think about it, you know i love hearing from you guys. Here is a brief synopsis and for more, find the book underneath my profile leave a like if you enjoy it and a comment if you may!


In a mysterious land protected by a powerful generational being called a protector, crown prince Xavier and first child to the king is born with a rare case of having a female protector Shamma, who is his ticket to the throne and sign that he is the chosen next king after his father but that opportunity might not go as planned because he is illigetimate,born from the womb of a concubine and enemies ready to spill blood are lurking around

Queen Aurora, the only wife to the king and a venomous snake in human form later bears a son Nathan who is only a few months younger than Xavier and she is determined to have him take over from his father as king even if it means going on a killing spree to achieve that! Blood will be shed lives lost in this quest to determine the next ruker of this kingdom of Luyota but what they all do not realise is that outside all these royal disputes is a vengeful force more powerful than they can imagine and it is coming not only for the royals, but all Luyotans.

A tale of love, emotion, drama, twists, turns, royalty, loyalty, death, friendship but above all, a tearful and emotional love triangle


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