Author: Honey Lee Willmanson / Posted: 12.03.21, 19:45:50

Hello there my lovely readers! 

This is my first blog on BOOKNET and also i would like to thank all those who

read my Novel, STORM OF THE BILLIONAIRE  and liked it. It was all thanks to

 you reading and commenting your views on my book that drove me to

write even on days when i was in low spirit.

I have posted a trailer for that book as well on youtube and my other social media account 

 where you all can check that out as well.


Other than this i feel absolutely excited about informing you all about my new story that goes by the title-


Story about- Vampire and assassin, romance, billionaire.

Please do check it out. You can find it in my account. Your supports matters a lot to me as an author.

A happy reading to all.


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