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Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 13.03.21, 14:47:17

Hey gang, how is everyone? This writer is currently losing sleep and letting the laundry pile up to finish The Proposal. The deadline is here. (I don't care about the laundry actually).By tomorrow at the latest, The Proposal will be completed. I will be cranking out updates all day. Dare I say, I saved the best for last ;) I need some caffeine and sugar. But I'm so glad all of you followed Amber, Leo, and Grayson on this journey so far. And its been quite the emotional rollercoaster. Thanks for all your support. I will try and make the fourth book the last in the series. So sit back and enjoy the rest of this ride today :) Who needs sleep anyway? 


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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
13.03.2021, 22:54:15

Gurl please do not wear yourself out you work very hard but please know that me snd all of your other fans truly appreciate all your painstakingly king hrs and dedication to this book snd series for us thank you thank you so very very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
15.03.2021, 11:29:37

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, And**** not sure why my spellcheck keeps putting and as snd lol

Funmilayo Olaoluwa
13.03.2021, 17:57:02

Oh my... Thank you so much. YOU'RE the best!

Funmilayo Olaoluwa
14.03.2021, 16:54:00

AnnaRCase, You're welcome ma'am. I absolutely love your stories

Aggelikh Isabella Linospori
13.03.2021, 14:59:38

Omg.are you giving us a 4th book.
Respect.you are amazing.

AnnaRCase guru
13.03.2021, 21:34:52

Aggelikh Isabella Linospori, That's certainly not me. It gets me in trouble. I originally intended to to have the timeline of this book end in May in the story. I believe it took me over three hundred pages just to get through the end of December. It creates a better story with all the details and emotional moments but also takes this writer way more time and energy. But I'll get it done eventually:)

Kelly Blickley
13.03.2021, 19:45:59

Do you give yourself these deadlines? If so, I'd say don't stress if you needed more time. This series has been incredible. I don't think any of your readers would be upset if you needed additional time. Your personal life and health is way more important. You've finished more books in short amount of time then most the writers on here for them to finish one book. On top of that, you work in health care field during a pandemic. Please never feel rushed by your readers. We love the updates and get too excited about next chapters without thinking of the writer themselves and what responsibilities they also have in their daily lives. You are an amazing writer as I've said since day one and I'm still crossing fingers that your book will become a movie someday. Youd definitely deserve it.

AnnaRCase guru
13.03.2021, 21:31:50

Kelly Blickley, Thank you so much! You’re words mean a lot to me. I didn’t set this deadline, but aim thinking of doing things differently next book. You all have actually been a amazing and patient with me and this book. I appreciate it. And its honestly because of all my loyal readers that I finish these stories instead of just leaving them in my head :)

Amanda Kelley
13.03.2021, 18:05:14

Thank you looking forward to the updates. Excited and sad that it will be ending

AnnaRCase guru
13.03.2021, 21:29:24

Amanda Kelley, Thank you. But you know every ending is just a new beginning waiting to happen:)

Gena Elgie
13.03.2021, 17:54:23

Oh my goodness. Your books are so worth the wait. I am soooooo excited for the next book. Thank you.

AnnaRCase guru
13.03.2021, 21:27:39

Gena Elgie, No thank you:) I really appreciate you and your kind words.

Danita Springfield
13.03.2021, 16:39:51

You know I am on this journey with you. Can't wait to see where they go. Here for you.

AnnaRCase guru
13.03.2021, 21:27:09

Danita Springfield, Thank you. And I hope you have been enjoying this journey. I'm grateful for your support:)

Funmilayo Olaoluwa
13.03.2021, 17:57:03

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