"Take Me, Melinoe" Update (chapter 7)

Author: LadyInRed / Posted: 16.03.21, 18:18:02

The school activity of Melinoe, the demon princess and Chris, the human guy started already. But Anna joins them when they supposed to start it by just the two of them as partners. Melinoe tries hard to make this girl back off but she's Chris's interest. The demon princess is pretty much annoyed with this girl, is it because she already has a thing for Chris and getting jealous?


But wait, there's another one who wants to join the game of getting Chris's attention. It will be a big problem for Melinoe because this someone isn't a human like Anna, but a supernatural being like her and could bring much harm to Chris.


Story link: Take Me, Melinoe


Hi everyone. 

Hope you're having a great time.

I apologize for a late update. I've been so busy lately because it's our midterm examination this week (I'm currently in 2nd year college). But I gotta make this more exciting for you guys and what you can read now are only the beginning parts with character and event clues (which will make you realize some points of the story if you'll read 'til the end). A lot of surprises to wait for.

I hope you'll love my story. Thank you so much!


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