Castle Chap 3 Updated!

Author: Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) guru / Posted: 17.03.21, 19:01:58

Hey everyone!

Castle Chapter 3 has been Updates. Updates will be daily. 

Please add the book to your reading libraries, and follow me for more updates. 


* * *

Castle summary: 

Millicent Davis hates her life with her uncle and jumps at the chance to work for the famously rich and influential family Montgomery's-who are in need of a nanny. After all, how difficult can it be to tame a spoilt rich brat?  

Until Millie realizes that Castle Montgomery isn't exactly a bratty kid. 

He's a grown man, the heir to a multinational corporation. 

Due to a tragic accident, he's lost his memories and there's something quite alluring about the silent man. 

Soon things start going haywire, and shocking secrets start spilling out and it's upto Millie to help Castle regain his memories and solve the mystery before it destroys her completely. 

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Sharon Hartsoe
18.03.2021, 04:59:57

I have read this book. I love it!

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