New Book!! "Angelic Demon"

Author: Angelic Emman / Posted: 22.03.21, 17:44:18

Hello dearest readers!!

Hopefully all of you are doing very well ^^


I'm back with an another book series called “ANGELIC DEMON” and excited to announce that I'm participating in the contest and I’ve just posted the first chapter of book 1.


You can read this book even if you're not a fan of fantasy novels as it's mainly focuses on the real world romance and revenge with paranormal and supernatural stuffs.


Check it out if you want to try reading something new. I'm grateful for receiving so much love and support from my readers for my previous book series “His Smile Worth Billions” and hopefully I would receive the same amount of love and support for this fantasy novel from my readers as well. Thank you so much ❤


Happy reading!

Lots of love,

Angelic Emman.



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