Chapter 20 Poison Garden Pillow Talk

Author: Jocelyn Black / Posted: 22.03.21, 18:37:43

Hello lovely readers,

The next chapter is up for Poison Garden and I've crossed over the 30,000 word mark (yay!!) Hopefully, I'll have another update tonight as I cruise in towards the finish line. It's hard to believe that Poison Garden is almost completed!! I have about 14 chapter updates left, give or take, and I've already started plotting and writing out my ending for Doris and Maks. Expect longer updates from here on out. I'm thinking it will take about two weeks or so to finish up. Then... I'LL HAVE FINISHED WRITING MY FIRST BOOK!!! I can't wait to make that post! After I wrap, I'll probably go back and edit some scenes and proofread a bit more before submission time, so keep an eye out for added tidbits. Then it will be ready for the Beauty and the Beast Contest! 

Happy reading and thanks so much for the warm welcome to booknet! If you haven't yet, please vote, follow, and comment. Every bit helps!


Jocelyn Black

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Elva Carrillo
22.03.2021, 23:24:40

Wow, I'm happy that you are close to finished with this book, also a little sad for Doris and Maks' story to be finished. I've really enjoyed reading their story and how they have grown closer together. I'm glad Doris is a little closer to being able to practice her white magic freely. I hope Maks takes her away from the small town where they will be happy together. Thanks for the great story.

Jocelyn Black
23.03.2021, 05:32:27

Elva Carrillo, Thanks so much for being an active reader and giving me much-needed feedback! It has definitely motivated me in finishing this book for the contest. I'll be sad to wrap this one as well. It's definitely been a fun ride! But who knows, maybe I'll work on some more witchy lore in the future!

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