The Governess - Next chapter

Author: Reva / Posted: 23.03.21, 17:59:28

Chapter 17 is out now. 

So? is that all? is that the End? This is how Things are going to end? 

Is Siya is going back to her normal life again? and things will go like they used to be? Will Chris come to her, Or will he find another (**better) nanny? (He should definitely not, for sake of the new nanny?)

Chapter 18 will have a different surprise in it. New characters? and you will see some funny moments, that never happened before. And trust me, it will definitely, nothing like you imagined.


Plus, I am going to announce my new book soon, Once The Governess is over.

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Laila Naseem
23.03.2021, 19:19:15

Wow, any imaginery pics of Chris n boyz, Siya, Surprise Wedding?

23.03.2021, 19:32:45

Laila Naseem, Nop❤️

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