Author: Juniper Skies / Posted: 24.03.21, 13:51:02

Photographs hasnt been updated in a while now because i am focusing on my soap business for the Easter period.

I will be bringing more cuteness with River, Teddy, Darcy, and Lavender soon! 

Who else loved the newest 'Sunflowers' chapter?

We have a field about 45 mins from us that is opening for photos past Easter and will have food trucks and sunflowers to buy there. They are my favourite flower so i am super keen to go and see them all then!

My fond memory of sunflowers is from my boyfriend buying me my first bunch years ago. We really didnt have a lot of money to our names but he saw how much i loved them and got me them. They brightened our bad living circumstances then.

What is your favourtie flower and the fond memory attached to it?

Would love to hear it in the comments!


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