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Author: Beenish Shaheen / Posted: 26.03.21, 14:32:37

Hello everyone, Asalam alaikum.


Welcome to my profile, I'm Shaheen. I'm a medical doctor by profession. I started writing stories as a hobby in my High school years. I tarted off from wattpad where i wrote my TDSOW series and then i started work on my most famous series, the Mafia series.

The pat few years have been an incredible journey. 

And even though I'm a full-time doctor, I'm extremely passionate about my writing.


1- Very well written book I am so overwhelmed to read this story one of the best mafia book I have ever read! Keep going with this wonderful work!

2- Wow, it was really incredible story. Thank you for creation heroes full of contradictions, so interesting and full of passion. It was really pleasure to experience their love story. What an amazing story. I couldn't sleep some nights thinking about this book. Amazing talented writing. Thank u for taking me on this emotional rollercoaster ride.Thank you once again!❤❤❤❤

3-  Oh my God I can’t believe it. This book is so touching and a very good book with great lessons. I have recommended this book to many of my friends. Indeed Allah is the most merciful. Ma Sha Allah ? I love this book with all my heart . I’ve read it so many times ?

4- This has been one of the best book that I have ever read. It was realistic, exciting, an entire rollercoaster from start to finish. I loved the fact that you didn't hold back on depicting Shery as this really sadistic and dark person as well as how Anissa didnt just fall in love with him overnight. The transistion seem realistic and understable which a lot of these Mafia books lacks. Yours was truly different and surely a pleasure to read. You truly have an amazing talent at writing.

5- Thank you very much for this beautiful story full of uncountable lessons (hope, resilience, love, forgiveness, trust, faith...), hope and forgiveness being the most dominant


Well. if you think that my stories have piqued your interest after reading these comments from my readers on wattpad and inkitt, do check out Mafia indebted part1, part 2, Mafi collateral part 1 and part 2:) and do leave your thoughts on what you think about the stories :)


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Simran Vidyarthi
27.03.2021, 18:55:39

Currently i am reading your story & so far it is good , you have vibrant imagination . I am looking forward for your more work . & Last love you, god bless You dear.

Vasudha Mahana
26.03.2021, 14:50:16

Could you help me with your pen name in Wattpad or inkitt

Vasudha Mahana
26.03.2021, 14:54:00

BNSH SHAHEEN, Ohh.. okay
Anyways your book is really amazing.. keep up the good work ❤️

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