Multi- Update

Author: Neppi Sue / Posted: 26.03.21, 17:14:44

Not every woman falls in love with the man she’s been forced to marry.

Not every woman gets to fight the man she loves in an arena, till death.

I stared at the man standing a good few feet away from me, his bare chest was barely moving with each breath he took. On the contrary, I was panting heavily as I tried to catch my breath. Even as I did, my eyes traveled his well-built figure. The sunrays converging on him gave him a godly glow.

He was no god, but a beast.

"Roswell," his name left my lips as a soft whisper. 

My lips quivered at the memory of his lips on mine which was now near impossible to happen. 'You're here to fight him,' I had to remind myself. 

He was simply wearing dark black harem pants which tightened around his lower torso and hung loosely around his strong legs. Apart from the cross shaped scar over his heart, his pale skin was spotless. I gulped as my eyes traveled down him further. His abdominal muscles were well toned and his muscular hands could probably crush me like a twig.

But here I stood with a sword in my right hand, using my left for support as I swung it in the air in front of me. 


A/N That was a little preview from His love book 2 guys. Make sure you check it out and do let me know what you think! 

BTW both "His love book 2" and "The billionaire's rival" had been updated dear. Happy reading! 

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