Free Book (his Bride)

Author: Monika Singh / Posted: 27.03.21, 13:32:31

Hey guys, how are you all? Do you know I published a new book that is completely free? I'd be very happy if you give it a try. Thank you. Below is the annotation. 

Travis Lizardo is notorious across the country. People call him a mean, violent, and hypocritical man. What he wants he always gets it by hook or by crook. Nobody wants to be his enemy and nobody wants to come onto his path. He doesn't know love, affection, and kindness. He feels nothing but hate. Seeing others in pain would help him to forget his own. And last, he doesn't spare the life of a person who hurts him. 

But what will happen when his bride turns out to be a betrayer? Would he spare Rosalyn Capone's life? Curious right? Find out in the story. 



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Manogyna Marthi
27.03.2021, 18:08:29

Very nice description L***** O**. I'm intrigued to read this.

Monika Singh
27.03.2021, 18:25:02

Manogyna Marthi, Thank you ❤❤

Resmi Mukherjee
27.03.2021, 17:44:17

Its amazing ??

Monika Singh
27.03.2021, 18:24:43

Resmi Mukherjee, Thank you ❤❤

Mahamotha Khatun
27.03.2021, 15:07:31

Already reading it , honey , You r best sweetie , I love U big sis

Monika Singh
27.03.2021, 15:39:40

Mahamotha Khatun, ❤❤

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