You asked for it (another Endgame teaser!)

Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 31.03.21, 22:17:26

Here you go, ask and you shall receive. Teaser from The Endgame coming April 12th. Enjoy :)


“I don’t have forever Amber. But the time I do have, I want to spend it with you. And our daughter. And Leo.”

She took a deep breath and fought back her tears. No need to fall apart in front of him. It was the last thing he needed. What Grayson needed to help him get through was for her to be there for him. To be strong. To love him through all the ups and downs. Even his quiet moods, his angry ones, his sad ones. It was easy to love him and hold him when he spoke words like this, kissed her, and held her close. But it was harder to do when he had anger in his eyes, shut her out, or said hurtful things. But Amber was ready to love all those shades of Grayson unconditionally and be there for him until the end. Always and their forever.

“We'll make it work,” she promised him, “you. Me. Our daughter, and Leo. One big, happy family.”

“We can sure as hell try. The selfish part of me doesn’t want to let you go. So I’m willing to try anything if it means I get to be with you for even a moment more,” he confessed.

She brushed another kiss upon his tender lips.

“You don’t have to let me go Grayson. I’m not going fucking anywhere. I’m right here and this is where I’ll be. Nothing you do or say will push me away this time.”

Amber had made that mistake last time. Letting him push her out of his life. She hadn’t fought for him that day Grayson had announced his engagement to the cunt Courtney. She’d left without a fight. Never fucking again. Amber would fight for this life. For him. For Leo. For their daughter. No matter the odds stacked against them. Because she finally had something worth fighting for.


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01.04.2021, 08:47:58

: ) I’m happy

01.04.2021, 19:14:55

AnnaRCase, love the shades of Grayson! lol

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
01.04.2021, 02:05:51

I still just want her and Grayson together with there daughter i greedy and selfish when it comes to my man he deserves it but counting down the days

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
01.04.2021, 08:21:42

AnnaRCase, Lol I know

31.03.2021, 23:47:50


AnnaRCase guru
01.04.2021, 05:06:09

Heavenly, I thought you all wanted some doses of our trio leading up to the release...

31.03.2021, 23:45:06

Awe Damn. I'm anticipating the wait, Ana. That is hard to do. Scenarios of how it plays out will be sad and I'm hoping for the possibility of Grayson and Amber having a happy life. Fingers crossed.

AnnaRCase guru
01.04.2021, 05:05:29

Heavenly, Ah the possibilities..

31.03.2021, 23:47:16

Dang it there's no cure for Huntington's Disease.

AnnaRCase guru
01.04.2021, 05:05:00

Heavenly, No there is not. Its a really sad and terrible disease:(

Doris Valdiviezo
01.04.2021, 03:58:18

Anna you are killing me!!!!!
I so love your writing ❣

AnnaRCase guru
01.04.2021, 05:04:04

Doris Valdiviezo, Thank you :)

Danita Springfield
31.03.2021, 23:19:20

Nice! I wanted to scream "FIGHT AMBER! FIGHT!!!"

AnnaRCase guru
01.04.2021, 05:03:40

Danita Springfield, Something tells me she will.

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