Sorry I've to delete the whole story

Author: Riya / Posted: 01.04.21, 20:54:01

I was facing many technical errors for past few days. My app wasn't running well. So I've delete my new story 'in search of your smile' but I promise I'll repost the past chapters and the new chapters as well. Thank you so much for giving me the love and support I needed for these years... those teenage years really dramatic.  Before writing I didn't knew what my purpose was, even I didn't knew that I've  a hidden talent of writing. But now I now. So I'll try my best to reach on the top it. Please keep supporting me by your love, reads, shares,  and comments. And thank you again for the love that you showed for 'love out of spit' it's really been a great journey. Thank you so much and keep supporting, keep reading....???...peace...✌✌

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Forced to Live
21.04.2021, 18:38:49

Hey I wanna know how you deleted your story? I wanna know too please reply and guide me.

22.04.2021, 18:30:53

Forced to Live, Just delete all chapters of your story and your book will not be shown

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