The Endgame fix

Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 02.04.21, 01:32:13

Next preview for The Endgame below. (Edited by necessity for this blog :)

Amber didn’t move for several heartbeats until it was clear Grayson was settled again and out like a light. She decided rather than displace the covers any further , she’d simply slide down beneath them on her journey off the bed.

As Amber went under, she was soon hot and aware of how much the blanket needed a good washing. Sure she loved the smell and taste of her boys, but it’d been a long, sweaty night indeed. And her boob sweat didn’t exactly smell like roses either.. She awkwardly wormed her way down the crevice in between the billionaire and the chef. She heard a grunt not long after her elbow struck something warm. She stilled.A few seconds later she saw Grayson peering down at her beneath the covers, a sleepy grin on his lips.

“Hey, you break it , you buy it.”

Her elbow was still entrenched in his balls.

“How about I just kiss it and make it feel better?”

He chuckled, “That works too.”

“But I really need to pee first.”

Grayson pulled back the covers and got out of bed like a gentleman. And they said chivalry was dead. Nothing was sexier than a ripped man holding the sweat soaked blanket aside so a lady could pass by properly.

Until he swatted her on the ass as she passed by. But Amber liked it. So did her burning core which hinted at promises of wicked things to come.

“My daughter already keeping you up at night,” he grinned.

“Try her father. But if I recall you didn’t last all night sir. you were snoring. Leo came through and finished me off.”

He laughed heartily. Amber was glad to see he was in such a good mood this morning and even happier to know she had helped put him there. Grayson bit that full, bottom lip of his.

“Well allow me to make it up to you, I’m awake now. Wide awake.”


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Danita Springfield
02.04.2021, 10:15:17

Amber has wonderful brother husband's. They work well t Oglethorpe to keep the wife happy.

Danita Springfield
04.04.2021, 06:07:01

AnnaRCase, Funny. Your characters are really fluid. I like that about them. You let your books take a very natural flow.

02.04.2021, 18:32:23

These two are so perfect together. I love this story!

AnnaRCase guru
03.04.2021, 19:36:54

Evilsparklenyc, Ha I never thought about Shades of GRAYson until now. Fifty shades perhaps?

Gena Elgie
02.04.2021, 01:40:36

Om my goodness!!!! Can I pay for it now?? I am soooo excited!!!

AnnaRCase guru
02.04.2021, 20:52:13

Gena Elgie, Same to you :)

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
02.04.2021, 03:40:02

Loving this story already man hurry up April 12th I’m so ready to pay and already buy you a golden feather as a reward

:). :) love you my friend you are an amazing person in every way

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
02.04.2021, 06:00:25

AnnaRCase, :)

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