The Endgame tidbit

Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 03.04.21, 07:19:35

Its that time again. You're welcome:)

Grayson fired up the monitors while Leo threw some more bacon onto her plate with a smile.

“Are you trying to get me fat babe?”

He chuckled, “Come on now, you’re eating for two. You look beautiful to me. I’m giving you dibs on the first waffle.”

“That’s just a misconception. During the second trimester you only need about three hundred extra calories a day, which you’ve already surpassed with that bacon,” said Grayson from the swivel chair in front of the monitors.

“And there’s the dick we all know and love,” snorted Amber.

He just shrugged with his back still turned to her. Leo shook his head. He put  his hand atop hers.

“Don’t listen to that asshole. What do doctors know anyway Love? I like my ladies with meat on their bones.”

She grinned, “That you help to put there. You’re probably like one of those guys who has a fetish of getting their girl fat. A feeder. You want me like five hundred pounds and feeding me cake and fried chicken Leo.”

He slid a waffle fresh off the grill onto her plate. And covered it generously with syrup.

“I rather like the working off those extra calories part Love.”


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03.04.2021, 17:59:16

So great!! And funny!!

AnnaRCase guru
03.04.2021, 19:33:38

Evilsparklenyc, Im not as funny as I think I am ha, well according to my kids :)

03.04.2021, 09:35:13

LOL loved the Sneak peek. You teaser.

AnnaRCase guru
03.04.2021, 19:33:00

Heavenly, I try ha!

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
03.04.2021, 09:07:13

Loving this so excited

AnnaRCase guru
03.04.2021, 19:32:50

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, Thank you. Only 9 days to go :)

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