His Mistake and I am Alpha

Author: SailacheGf / Posted: 05.04.21, 20:38:34

So guys just for a little bit longer, I won't be updating any new chapters for this two stories. I'm still waiting for my application that is on process till now (since it was holiday and they can't process on those days).

I'm still waiting for the final and initial acceptance or rejection from the company I'm applying. I am done with all the requirements needed but I'm still busy at the moment, studying terms for the job and refreshing my mind (I'm applying for CSR). Also since this is gonna be my first time full-time job and first time as customer service representive I'm doing a lot of learning from the assessment and those seminar courses we were required to take.

So yeah I'm busy studying and all different things. I won't be updating this week. Next week there I might be able to update already so let us just see, I can't keep promises on this. 

But this, I can. Once everything is over I will try to update twice a week. Also almost forgot for the 'I am Alpha' I will not be updating again everyday. The next update will be twice a week, but I'm still planning on that part so yeah, no promises on it being on the next update. 

Anyways that is all. Hope you guys had a good holiday! and Have a good day today! 


Love lots!

Your author



Remember God Loves You!

I love you too my readers!!

*virtual kiss* muuaahh!!


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