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A scene you want to see.

So after some thought, I decided that I am giving my readers a chance to tell me something they would love to see in this book. 

A scene. Or more light on a character, any ideas you were hoping to see in this book. I will consider every option I receive. You all have given me a chance to express myself by reading and telling me how much you love my work. I feel it's only fair to give you a chance to tell me something you want to see before the book ends. 

PS: the chapters and plot of the book would still be solely dependent on what I have planned.


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Lorraine Thulare
07.04.2021, 07:47:41

I would like a scene that explains why Chris and Sarah look so much alike. I can't get it out of my mind that they are twins that got spilt at birth or something. Which could explain the bond between Chris and the kids.

Otika Johnson
07.04.2021, 02:36:11

I want to know if lucas ever met with Sarah secretly. What he have in his closet that she is holding against him. I just feel they had a moment with Christine not knowing. That's the scene I want to see.when christine finds out

Muskan Gite
06.04.2021, 20:52:29

Lucas's pov will be the best thing

Reflects you
06.04.2021, 18:46:26

Luca's pov maybe ✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺

Yamikani Lukasha
06.04.2021, 17:40:17

I would love to see Christine and Lucas add another member to the family , he did say he wouldn't mind a third one (hoping it will be a girl)

Ayushi Gupta
06.04.2021, 14:58:56

Can u do some scene of Celine & Alexander ?

Yamikani Lukasha
06.04.2021, 17:38:42

Ayushi Gupta, Ohhh, yes please we'd really love to see Celine and Alexander's parts

06.04.2021, 16:13:44

I would love to read Lucas's point of view. About his feelings for Christine . Hope you consider it.

Tahmina Tanie
06.04.2021, 15:05:43

Dear writer, i love ur book.but i find something which i wanted to know from the side of Lucas.How did he feels,it only expressed for Sarah in the very beginning ,not for Chris till now.sometimes it also disturbs me as i find it difficult to learn Lucas.plz expression of feelings from both side sometimes require,though Lucas told Chris about his feelings but i never get to the point whether it is for managing her or truly he feels that why.And once he lied to her that he didnt know where is Sarah but later he confessed he had source to know where is she.plz write from his view point too.

Thëê Qúéën
06.04.2021, 15:55:07

Tahmina Tanie, I have to agree with my fellow reader. Lucas' point of view would shed more light about how he feels about Christine especially when she found out about the room in the third floor. And what he did to Sarah after she threatened and followed Christine

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