"Sugar, Please!" Chap 28 Preview!

Author: Maliha Khanam / Posted: 11.04.21, 00:39:25


This preview includes SPOILER! So my dear regular reader, better read the chapter than preview.


She says with a smirk,

- No one can do anything alone in this world. We weren’t functioned to work alone...

Ben's eyes become sad. Ravana says softly,

- I would never even thought about handling a business alone. I was only sixteen then. There was someone who encouraged me a lot...

Ben notices emotions coming back to Ravana's eyes as she talks about that one particular person. Ben somewhat feels jealous. He doesn’t understand this meaningless jealousy. He listens to Ravana regardless of that. Ravana smiles and says,

- That was uncle Dalton's son, Aiden...

Ravana pulls out the evening photo from the album and points at Aiden. 


Dear new readers, if you find this preview interesting, do check the story! You won't regret❤❤


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