Chapter 4 Updated

Author: Roon Ainar / Posted: 12.04.21, 06:29:46

Hello Readers!

Please give a chance to my book. I am certain that you will like it. it is a fantacy based novel. 

Go and read this book as it is totally free to read.

Here is the sneak pic of my book "Eternal Love" from chapter 4

I felt someone knelt in front of me so I raised my head and my eyes met with beautiful green orbs and time stopped for me, everything remained back and I lost in those green diamonds that have a spark and many secrets. I never saw this much beautiful and enchanting eyes of anyone in my all life. A dim light of the moon directly hit on his face and give him the look of Adonis.
"Are you ok?" His deep yet concerned voice broke my trance and I came to my senses. I move my head and saw someone standing beside him and after turning my head my eyes met with the Nolan blue-eyed who was fuming in anger.


Let me know your if you like it. Your supporty is really necessary for me. 


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