Finishing my book

Author: Caroline Day / Posted: 12.04.21, 22:39:55

Hi there :)


Friends! Today is your last chance to buy my novel 'Sins'. It will be completed in a few hours and will no longer be sold!

I will begin to post a new story soon.

Cover is here.


I have a question for you! Would you like to read part 3 for Sins? I'm waiting for your feedback.


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Nadia Maidin
14.04.2021, 10:38:07

Yes as long as it is a free novel. ????

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
13.04.2021, 07:19:22

Yes I would love part : of Sebastian and her

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
13.04.2021, 22:29:49

Caroline Day, Thank you so much for creating such an amazingly beautiful live story for Sebastian & his Lolita I can not wait to read what is next for them in there journey with there beautiful lil princess and soon to be added there lil prince I can’t wait to read how it all turns out for them in there next journey

Precious Ria
13.04.2021, 06:09:34

Loved their journey. ofcourse i would want to read more . Im so excited for book 3 :)

Caroline Day
13.04.2021, 21:43:16

Precious Ria, Thanks :)))

Danita Springfield
13.04.2021, 02:40:18

I think their journey has ended.

Caroline Day
13.04.2021, 21:42:51

Danita Springfield, may be

Anum Shafiq
13.04.2021, 00:30:19

yes dear writer please write 3 part too....

it's one of my favourite novels... you are amazing writer

Caroline Day
13.04.2021, 01:02:27

Anum Shafiq, thank you very much!
I hope I'll write 3 part :)

sofia rizoy
13.04.2021, 00:01:20

Author sins and compulsion was my favorite stories.Of course Sebastian and Dolores ( Ellie) was my favourite couple .A third part of the story of what happened after their marriage must also become writer.

Caroline Day
13.04.2021, 00:02:14

sofia rizoy, thank you very much!

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