"Sugar, Please!" Chap 34 Preview!

Author: Maliha Khanam / Posted: 13.04.21, 18:44:59

This preview contains spoiler . 

Donzai asked again,

- And why do you think that way? Because she is a woman? 
- That's not what I meant...

Aiden signed and said,

- It's just... She is not experienced enough... 
- She will gain experience along the way! 
- Still...
- What?

Donzai's eyes were angry. Aiden looked at his eyes and signed. Donzai walked to the door while saying,

- You can leave if you want!

Donzai looked back at Aiden and said,

- But don't think that she is alone just because you are not by her side... 


If you like the preview, do check the story. I hope you will like it❤❤ 


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