'his Cure' completed (i need tissues)

Author: Whitney Bridge / Posted: 16.04.21, 19:22:10

Hi, my loves. Right now, I am feeling so emotional. *Can someone pass the tissues please?* This is my third book on booknet and now, it has been completed. There were times when I had terrible writer's block and there were times that I considered putting the book aside but when I saw your comments and your likes, it motivated me. 

For that, I am so grateful. Those of us who cried and laughed with Alanna and Zeron, I'm sure we're all going to miss them. Yeah, it was a hell of a rollercoaster. But now, they've gotten the happy ending that they deserve, so yay!!! 

As most of you know, this book is a part of the beauty and the beast contest. The number of likes has been increasing rapidly and I'm really happy. Please, if you know you've read this book, please do your author a favour and tap the ''star" button. I know you don't want me to be sad, so pretty please with cherry on top, don't hesitate to like my story and follow me. 

To all my fans who are expecting more mindblowing stories from me, this is not the end. I still have a lot of spicy stories in my head. I won't disappoint, I promise!

I love you guys so much!



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17.04.2021, 10:37:59

Now i am gonna miss three of you:Zeron, Alanna anf you author??

Whitney Bridge
17.04.2021, 10:42:09

SonamChokigfdghfdfj, Don't worry, dear. I'm still here and there's more books to come to fill your appetite

Athena Roy
17.04.2021, 10:20:14

I love them both ...and they are actually really close to my heart and I am gonna miss them so much .... and I am happ for the ending they got and whe Alanna almost died my heart literally came in my throat I was so scared for them.
Love this novel and excited for your upcoming novels.

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