Tributed to the Vampire: Chapters 3 & 4 Up!

Author: Bonita Hakone / Posted: 20.04.21, 10:49:06

"Shhh, it's nothing," he silenced her with his index finger. Apparently, he didn't care as much about the suit as she thought. Her finger felt extremely good on her lip, so she took advantage of taking it to her mouth and licking it.

He gasped. She couldn't believe she managed to get a moan out of him like that. It was fucking exciting.

Determined to master that game, she continued licking that finger until he decided to remove her panties with his other hand, hardly noticing what was happening on that side of her body. She tried to sit back to remove her skirt at almost the same time that he removed his pants and let those elegant Italian shoes go on the floor, pulling his suit down along with her socks. It was rare for her to see such manly and well-groomed male feet. Biaggio seemed to have not much toxic masculinity to his credit. Excited, she lunged at him before could even think of his branded underpants, because she knew what was said of Greek gods like him...

She felt something too hard hit her belly. She looked down after the hug and fiery kiss she had just given him and found his swollen member still under her fabric. He felt so good that she wanted to rub herself on him.

Like a naughty girl, she used her big blue eyes as a weapon:

"May I rub over your underwear?"

He again looked surprised, but also complicit:

"Do it, libellule."



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