New chapter of "Blood Slave to Empress"

Author: Moumita Dutta / Posted: 20.04.21, 16:34:00

Have you read the new chapter of "Blood Slave to Empress"?? The book is almost near the end.(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡  Thank you for staying till now. Let's finish the book with good ending.


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Khushbu Gujral
24.05.2021, 17:23:26

What title you'll give to its second book??
When will you upload it. I'mma eagerly waiting for your upload for this book.

ruk p
20.04.2021, 20:49:30

Amazing update.. loved it, they both are so cute (*::*) please don't end it soon, very engrossed in their lovestory and it has just started

ruk p
24.04.2021, 17:42:18

kim nadtae, :)

kim nadtae
20.04.2021, 17:26:43

Yeah its amazing , is it going to end soon?!

kim nadtae
24.04.2021, 17:11:34

Moumita Dutta, Glad to hear that , sarangaeyo unnie..

Rukhsat Alam
20.04.2021, 22:42:46

The Story is really amazing

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