second book of mine series

Author: Kajal Udhani / Posted: 23.04.21, 16:12:42

Hey guys, 

I hope you all are doing well in these hard times. i know i promised of releasing second book soon buy i am stuck in a bit of a situation now. i have lost few of my family members this year including my grandma, which explains my break from writing. 

i have decided to take a break for awhile, to get back my mental health. 

just few more weeks guys, please hang on and have faith on me.

thank you for your love and support, i read each and every comment, and i love you all honeyslushes..



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06.08.2021, 08:51:27

So sorry for your loss..
Please resurrect "Zoe" in the novel "mine- her hazel eyes under my possession. Thanks

23.04.2021, 17:36:27

Best wishes to you, and may Allah be with you!

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