Sugar Baby on Probation - Chapter 6

Author: Tanya Soul / Posted: 23.04.21, 19:21:01



Hello, dear readers! Today Chapter 6 is added to my book “Sugar Baby on Probation”.

If you have not added the book to your library yet, you can check out the annotation:

The main character, Mary Springer, is, like many of us, an ordinary girl. She lost her job, failed several job interviews, and when it seemed her situation did not tend to improve, she suddenly met a man of her dreams. But instead of marriage, he offered her to become his sugar baby. She took his offer because she had nothing to lose and a lot to win, and she is aiming for his heart at the very least.

If you are intrigued about how she plans to change her status from “sugar baby” to “lover” or maybe even to “wife”, click on the link below (the image is also clickable, by the way).


Kind regards,

Tanya Soul.


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