Monster Completed!!!

Author: Monika Singh / Posted: 24.04.21, 08:32:33

Hey guys, how are you all? 

Finally, Monster is completed and I feel so happy to announce this. If you like this story even a bit please leave your lovely comment and put a smile on my face. Thank you for your love and support throughout this journey. Without you, I would not be able to write such a beautiful story. 



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Roshni Thakur
26.04.2021, 21:46:34

I love this book but im not able to buy this book , my bad luck , and yes you writes so well ,keep going.

Monika Singh
27.04.2021, 01:37:17

Roshni Thakur, Thank you❤❤

Jefferson Breis
25.04.2021, 16:46:00

I like this story very much..i like till d end..

Monika Singh
25.04.2021, 16:50:15

Jefferson Breis, Thank you ❤❤

Saumya Gupta
24.04.2021, 13:40:34

Are you a SELENATOR?

Saumya Gupta
24.04.2021, 16:47:26

Mee too..btw loving your book 'monster'..may god bless you!

Kaarin Lou Almario
24.04.2021, 11:57:57

Was the story short?

Monika Singh
24.04.2021, 12:23:28

Kaarin Lou Almario, No

Zukey Cruz
24.04.2021, 09:28:02

The story was amazing.

Monika Singh
24.04.2021, 12:23:17

Zukey Cruz, Thank you ❤❤

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
24.04.2021, 08:44:01

I love this story a great deal are you sure that you don't have a sequel in you for this story or a few more bonus chapters I really truly hate to see this book end

24.04.2021, 08:35:45

Waiting to try out this one too... :))

Monika Singh
24.04.2021, 08:39:46

Lady WORDSWORTH, Thank you, love. I'm happy to hear from you❤❤

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