The Rare Blood, Updated.

Author: S. N. Nina Arthur / Posted: 25.04.21, 18:19:41


Hey, guys. A new chapter of "THE RARE BLOOD" has been uploaded. Save it in your libraries for daily updates. 



Dark Romance, 21+

"I Hate You!... Every single thing you, your hair, your face, your guts everything... I fucking loathe you" I yelled while angry tears rolled down my cheek.

“Do you think I care?” he gripped my arm painfully hard, “I don’t…, So I suggest you stop wasting my fucking time and give in… I won’t ask again, Woman!” He gritted his teeth in pure annoyance and irritation.

Diannah Valeron a normal college student. What happens when she comes to know that she is made for the most powerful and cruellest hybrid king ever existed,
Gabriel Kennan.
As the only daughter of Galactus, king of the realms, Diannah has a major part in the upcoming war which was threatening every living being.

Will she be able to stop the war?
Will she gain the full potential of her powers?


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