"Sugar, Please!" Updated!

Author: Maliha Khanam / Posted: 28.04.21, 16:41:43

"Sugar, Please!" Chapter 42 (Preview)


He wonders if he should call her. But he can't make his mind, what if Ravana thinks he is being overprotective!

Ben doesn’t even know where he stands in this relationship. Does Ravana care for him the way he cares for her?

Ben never thought about anything else than being stable. He wanted to earn his degree and get a job so that he won't have to worry about the expenses. That's all he wanted.

Ben looks at the sky and thinks, "Is that all I want now?" Ravana's scared face crosses his mind. That night... He mumbles, "I want to protect her..." Ben knows his needs have changed.



Please do check the story if you like the preview❤❤


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