Need a little help!

Author: Angelic Emman / Posted: 01.05.21, 19:06:46

I've completed my book but I need to mark it 18+ however, I couldn't find the option. It would be a great help if someone guide me. 

Thanks in advance <3


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Gegi Mei
01.05.2021, 19:48:59

Hi, I think you can consult with Booknet first before deciding whether to mark it as 18+ because as you mentioned there's only one paragraph that you're worried about.
Marking it 18+ would risk you to lose the younger readers it wouldn't be beneficial for you especially if the book is intended for the young adults.

Gegi Mei
02.05.2021, 04:09:50

Angelic Emman, I hope it works out :)

Chibi Cazielle
01.05.2021, 19:09:15

Maybe you can contact the tech support for it.

Angelic Emman
01.05.2021, 19:34:08

Chibi Cazielle, Ok thanks dear^^ Actually I'm still not sure about marking it 18+ as my book doesn't contain any mature content or smuts. It doesn't have detailed gruesome murder scenes as well. But It's one paragraph I described a curse which is quite torturous and its consequences so I was thinking of marking it 18+ to avoid any risks.

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