Ch - 39 of 'fatal Predilection' update!

Author: Anushka S / Posted: 01.05.21, 21:12:51

Hi there sweets,

Chapter - 39 of 'Fatal Predilection' has been posted and honestly, I don't know if I should make two books out of it. There are still so many things give out. There's one more chapter left of Part- I (as I like to call it since it's easy that way for me to track).

Any guesses on what will happen next?

#SpoilerAlert - The next chapter will be hella emotional in both good ways and bad ways. So be warned ;)

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Lakshmi Govindarajapuram
02.05.2021, 17:42:57

Since you are removing this book from booknet, please let me know where I can read this. I follow only booknet

Anushka S
02.05.2021, 17:59:07

Lakshmi Govindarajapuram, You can text me on my social media if you want. The links are provided on my profile. I can't really mention third sites on booknet since it's against the rules :)

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