Married Update.

Author: Jules Lamptey / Posted: 01.05.21, 23:51:45

Hi guys, I have Posted Married Chapter Nineteen Part 2. Please check it out


Sneek Peek

I resume my walk to the bedroom leaving my wife speechless. I was frustrated, angry, and lost at the same time. I still couldn't answer why my wife was doing all this. Perhaps she believes her now. I sat down on my bed when I got to the room and pondered over what was going on.

"Why think too much babe?"  When did she get here that I didn't hear the door open nor closed?

"Why, why have you invited that lier here, or you believe her over me."

"No I don't. I am doing this for your own good. Aren't you tired of jobless golddiggers coming here every time claiming they are having your baby? Aren't you tired of these ladies trying to defame and threaten you just to get a piece of our fortune? If you aren't then I am. We need to put an end to all these bitches who lie to destroy families. And to do that we need a scapegoat. In our case, that girl is our scapegoat. She has dared to throw dust at you and say things that aren't true against you?, then she must be ready to pay the price for it. Don't worry baby, I have got this all planned out. By the time we are done with her, the whole world will know that it's better not to mess with us.

"Wow, honey, so brilliant. You should have told me this earlier. You are a genius."

"I know babe I know I am. What's more, since we don't have a maid, me must as well have one for free. Her stupidity will lead her into our trap. Then we can have her do whatever we want her to."


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