Hold me tight - Book promotion

Author: Sevenstar / Posted: 02.05.21, 00:30:39

Do you want to know what will Mi-Rae do when she encounters her ex as her new business partner?

Find out here!!

She was once his, but he blew his chances by letting her slip away through his silence; by his cowardice to fight whatever love they had. He hurt her so to the extent of almost losing her life in an accident. 

Five years after, she became a successful business owner, a CEO of a Company, she and her 

“so-called best friend,” built through hard work. 


Then they met again.


Could they conquer the past and rekindle their love or it would be Déjà vu?

Between her past and her present, whom would she choose?


LINK- http://www.popinkapp.com/novel/200000125



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