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Author: Coffeeaddict / Posted: 04.05.21, 03:24:14

Yay guys. I finally finished and submitted my book 'SHE CALLS ME EYEBROWS' for the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST contest on the 2nd and wow...I am so relieved, whoop whoop. Like and comment please and hit me up if you feel like it :)

I will point out that the book has three additional chapter that I started to write but due to time running out on me I had to end it - er differently and left out some stuff...tell you what ...if the editors like my book but want an additional end or 'more ending chapters' I promise to dive back into the dark corners of my mind and find those hidden words for you guys.

Why am I so relieved? Well because I had started two other books that were rejected and thus I had a late start in the contest...sigh... one is supposed to be human and mine was a reincarnation into a human. Wrote a new one where the female is completely human lol. Now I am off to finish my other two books that I have already started lmao thanks to booknet's prompt.

best of luck to all that entered.


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