Make you mine - New book is out!

Author: Martha Martin / Posted: 05.05.21, 18:30:02

Hello readers! Checkout my new book. Description : Oliver Evans, famous billionaire & successful man, is currently hiding from the world. Reason? His eternal enemy, who never give up any chance to drag him down, suddenly wants to marry him!
Yes! Not only that, she follows him all around. His office, home, meetings... she is everywhere!
Oliver has no feelings for her. Firstly, because they are enemies for last 12 years & secondly, her name is famous all over the country for changing boyfriends like used tissue papers!

Bella Adams, popular movie star with billions of fans across the world, is currently looking for the whereabouts of her Dream man.
She had rough history with him & he basically hates her. But still, she wants him & only HIM...! For that, she will go for all lengths without caring for anything!

To know the reason, continue!

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Thank You!

                                                                             - The Scarlett?

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Vijayalakshmi Viji
06.05.2021, 08:27:04

Interesting want to check it out right away

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