Story Updates( the Ex-Husband Games)

Author: Jules Lamptey / Posted: 07.05.21, 19:49:31

Hi guys I have posted chapter eight of The ex-husband games. kindly check it out.

Sneek peek

"Greg! Greg! Greg!" There was no movement, neither were his eyes open. 

 "No Greg! , wake up, you cannot die on me. Please wake up!" I gently placed him on the floor and ran to my room for my phone, forgetting that I can use the one in the hotel. I ran back into his room with my phone in my hand. I nearly had a heart attack, seeing him seated on the sofa in the room. He was laughing heartily looking at my miserable state. I was confused and scared.

"W-wha you-you were dead?" I asked needing an explanation.

"You should see how you look right now, princess." He laughed so hard that tears started rolling off from his eyes.

"You tricked me, you arsehole! I hate you!" I bellowed, filled with fury. How can he play with my emotions like that? I shed precious tears for him and I hardly cry. He had a smirk on his face and I wished beyond everything to wipe it from his face. Without knowing what to do, I turned away from him and walked towards the exit. He caught up to me and held my left hand.


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