Let me Stay

Author: Juniper Skies / Posted: 09.05.21, 01:43:28

Let me Stay has a new chapter up; Fogged windows and sundaes!

I'm trying to keep with a catchy chapter title for each one that is a little obscure but not too much. Seeing as the first was Nuggets and cigarettes, i think i have a theme running.

I'm really enjoying writing Let me Stay too. It's crude but also kind of funny and confrentational. Seeing as Birdie has already been kidnapped, bound, had sex with, bargained off, watched everything burn, and is on his way to wherever wants him; he has been through a lot.

On a lighter side of writing, Photographs is now continuing!

A new chapter is coming soon, with plans to finish the story before Let me Stay is due!


Please let me know what you think of Let me Stay and its gritty tale :)


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