In my dreams

Author: AlishaStone / Posted: 14.12.18, 04:59:53

This a poem dedicated to all people who have their lovers but just in their dreams.ed

Depressed and fallen under the rain,
There came you with an umbrella,
To protect me from everything,
Thank you my guardian angel.

At first glance you were my hero,
To rescue me from falling in the pit,
To carry me out of the drowning sea I am in.
You thought me to swim out of my problems too.

I remember you wearing the same hoodie,
Bruised and looked weak as you walk to me,
I stared and just hugged you,
Not knowing what really happened to you.

I remember you chasing me under the pouring rain,
As I went home crying and confused.
I remember you holding a board,
With an I love you in it as I sang on the stage,

We made an adventure,
In a motor, a car, or the bus,
You always hold my hand wherever we go,
You love me and I love you.

But one day I awoke,
All of it was in my dreams,
Perhaps an idea made by my imagination,
Perhaps it is or it isn't?


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Drew 15.12.2018, 13:20:15

good job

Linsey Smith 14.12.2018, 13:38:26

it has a very deep sense

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