Author: R O N A / Posted: 25.01.19, 04:32:54

Sitting in bed, took out the laptop and start writing in a stressful night.
Your fingers halted when you hear your family talking about you outside your room.


Talking about your future.
Talking about your living.
Talking about your laziness.


Fingers continuously typing the sadness words.
Each alphabet became your goals.

If they knew what you feel.
If they knew your problem maybe they won't say the hurtful words they said.

It's hard to feel useless.
It's hard to show them that you are ok when you're not.
It's hard to talk to them because you know they will never listen to you.
It's hard to tell them that "Hey, I am writing because I want to become a writer" When you know they will never care.


No one believes in your strength.
No one support you.


That's why all you wanna do is hiding on your room and writing secretly. Writing without telling them.

Because these alphabet knows your true feelings.
These alphabet knows your dreams you want to achieve.
These alphabet will be your words to become a successful writer.
These alphabet.


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Kath Snit 27.01.2019, 14:47:47

very interesting

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R O N A 27.01.2019, 15:37:50

Thank you..was just emotional :)

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