Author: GIBBY / Posted: 08.03.19, 03:02:47

Often times we try so much to make things normal, wish things could go back to normal, fear getting tagged abnormal, I could go on and on... What then, I end up wondering, is normal, and what isn't? Who sets the standards and judging measurements of what is and out of the norm?

Why is it that what we thought was normal at seven feels so weird now. Things like picking your nose, scratching itchy places openly, openly expressing our opinions and running around in our underwear. It would be absurd to see a twenty year old doing any of the above without trying to hide it. Is it then that, time is the big factor here and "our normal" changes accordingly or is it the society we live in. If more people did something would it make it alright and normal? Is that the standard?

There are things that would be deemed normal, like breathing in oxygen and carbon dioxide out. Things like going through menstruation and erections in males. But even these have the specific "do how", time span, and method for them to be normal.

What am trying to say is that maybe, there is nothing like normal and trying so hard to be, is the cause of many issues. While a female might have their periods each month, which is deemed normal, it doesn't make it okay. There will be cramps, and padding, and several uncomfortable days of being wary about spotting. Even with all the hate, and wishing there was no menstrual cycle, if it happens to miss for a month or two, it'd be anxiety and other horrors or maybe good news. So the girls hate it and need it too. Does that even make sense?

Then maybe if we could take a deeper look inside ourselves, some of the things that we hate and want to change about us, are really normal and okay. If we realised this, then we might not want to go to the extreme, but embrace ourselves, and set the standards for ourselves. What we want to be normal for us and what we agree upon with our society. And only then, can we make peace with our selves and accept that each one has their own standards and maybe be a little less judgemental.

Yours sincerely




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