Portland Awp Conference.

Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 02.04.19, 03:15:41

Had an amazing time in Portland at the AWP conference! Learned lots and made great new friends! I want to say thank you to Litnet for the opportunity and congrats to the winners Ruechari for " Someone to watch over me" and Jessica Wright "Tails" ! Also want to shout out to the other finalists Savannah Georgia, Alexandra Marie, and Cherie Mitchell. It was great meeting you all! It was an adventure navigating Portland and the convention alongside Ruechari, Cherie Mitchell, and Jessica Wright and getting to know each of your individual personalities :) Ruechari, gracious, sweet, and an uplifting motivator to us all and all budding writers. Jessica, the fun one with a love of musicals and full of energy. And Cherie, an endless source of writing wisdom and good laughs. I had an amazing time. Hope to be fortunate to see you all again, but in meantime will definitely keep in touch. Thanks Litnet!


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Ruechari guru 02.04.2019, 05:59:32

I feel the same about you my sassy, cookie with the gooey center. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you as well and am looking forward to reading those projects we've been talking about. Next contest I'll be there rooting for you.

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Ruechari guru 03.04.2019, 03:58:17

AnnaRCase, Hey, Philly would still save her about 7 hours on her flight. She may willing although that is a lot of travel to do for only one weekend.

Jessica Wright 02.04.2019, 14:10:52

Miss y'all already!

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AnnaRCase guru 02.04.2019, 21:25:24

Jessica Wright, There has definitely been a lack of showtunes in my life since Portland.....

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