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Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 25.04.19, 18:38:17

Hello! I'm writing this post to help clear up some confusion relating to my novel Blood Moon. In an effort to shorten the length of Blood Moon, I had to split the novel into two books. The first book is titled Rising Moon ( Book one of the Moonligt Cycle). Book two is now exactly titled Blood Moon ( Book two of the Moonlight cycle), and it will contain new material  beyond the original Blood Moon. I am also keeping up the orginal unsplit version  of Blood Moon. So if you are wanting to read a continuation of the story, please read Blood Moon (Book two of the Moolight cycle). Its the book with the couple holding hands in front of the red moon on the cover. Thanks so much for reading and sorry for the confusion.


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AnnaRCase guru 06.05.2019, 00:22:15

Next two chapters of Blood Moon are out. Chapter 28 and chapter 29! If anyone wants to share some theories, I would love to hear them :) Thanks for reading.

AnnaRCase guru 28.04.2019, 01:24:32

Hello I have trailers out for both Rising Moon and Blood Moon. If you can't view them in the app, just open Litnet in your browser, or watch them directly on Youtube. Thanks!

Ericka May 26.04.2019, 05:21:49

Follow for follow?

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AnnaRCase guru 26.04.2019, 18:06:01

Ericka May, Sure. Sounds like a plan:)

AnnaRCase guru 25.04.2019, 23:30:18

Update, Chapter 24 of Blood Moon (Book two of the Moonlight Cycle) has been posted, and it contains brand new content. Chapter 25 is in process now. Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

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