Blood Moon New Chapters

Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 23.05.19, 03:25:45

Hello readers! I know Blood Moon is dragging a bit and seeming a tade tedious these days. Please just bear with it. I couldn't time jump it like I wanted because to much critical info would be left out. It will pick up soon I promise. Drama, romance, mystery, action, all of the above are on horizion! Thanks for reading!

Edit- Thanks for bearing with the story. I had to address some stuff that was critical to the storyline, but not all that action packed. Don't worry a bit of drama is coming in the next chapters, as well as a time jump to Halloween. Then you will meet the character who stirs up trouble in Stormy Vale and tries to drive a wedge between Ivy and Keegan. Things will certainly get interesting. And you won't see this ending coming! Feel free to comment with an therories below. I would love to hear them! Also would anyone be interested in a spinoff novel connected to the Blood Moon series following two charcters you will meet in Blood Moon? I've have ideas brewing in my head for a new adult/mature companion novel called Cold Moon. Let me know what you all think!


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