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Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 26.05.19, 02:28:02

Dearest Readers, 

Thank you all who have shown an interest in my new story From the Ashes! Especially those of you who have taken the time to vote and comment. You have no idea what those little gestures mean to a writer like me. It powers me to keep writing like dark chocolate and freshly brewed coffee. 

I have been informed by Litnet that it will be best to offer my book as complete once the paperwork that sets me up as a commercial account is approved which I am hoping will be settled by the first week of June.

What does that mean? It means great news for you as the free chapters will end this upcoming Saturday and soon after you can download the entire story to read at your leisure or as a fun binge read, whichever moves you. *giggle*

I just hope you enjoy the rest of the story and remember to come back and comment and let me know what you think. In the meanwhile, I have put together a book trailer for the novel that if you'd like to check out you may. 

This has been so much fun!!!



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AnnaRCase guru 27.05.2019, 15:02:46

Good luck and congrats on becoming the first paid author on Litnets English version. I was disappointed last night when I got to the last chapter of From the Ashes and realized it was the last one :) so let me know when the rest is available!

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Ruechari guru 27.05.2019, 15:33:53

AnnaRCase, There are a few more free chapters to come. So check back. The sneak peek ends on June 1st, then the rest of the book should hopefully be offered for sale shortly after.

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